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Does 7 Eleven Sell Locks? (Answered)

Does 7 eleven sell locks

These days, gas stations carry a little bit of everything inside their convenience store attachments, and 7 Eleven is a prime example of that. 7 Eleven is such an iconic gas station, they even have their own line of name-brand merchandise.

7 Eleven sells everything from Slurpee cups to dog collars to t-shirts, as well as food and drinks and gas. But as to whether or not they sell locks – that’s harder to determine, and may be a matter of individual stores, rather than a franchise-wide policy.

Here we explore the merchandise of 7 Eleven, and what you might find there.

Does 7 Eleven Sell Locks?

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7 Eleven does not list locks on their official website, or as part of their online merchandise. However, 7 Eleven’s website only lists their major merchandise, not their convenience store shelf items like candy, display items, or snack foods.

The merchandise for the convenience aisles is highly fluid, so it might be possible to find certain kinds of locks at 7 Eleven, depending on the size of the store, and the location of the building.

It’s also true that a 7 Eleven might sell certain types of locks, but not others.

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What Kind of Locks Can Be Found at 7 Eleven?

It’s unlikely that you would find high-end door locks or deadbolts in a 7 Eleven, but you might find padlocks.

Padlocks might include chains with built in locks, combination locks or padlocks that fasten with a key.

Small portable locks like those used for bicycles are more likely to be sold at a gas station convenience store. For example, a simple U-line lock with a key is one of the most common types of locks, and therefore one of the most likely to be found in a 7 Eleven.

Why Would Size and Location of the Store Make a Difference?

Size and location can influence any store’s inventory, based on what else is available in the area, what customers want, and how much room the store has to carry a diverse merchandise. For example:

• A larger store might carry more merchandise like locks and household items or merchandise.

• A smaller store might carry generic items, but not mechanical items or lots of non-consumable merchandise

• A 7 Eleven in a city is less likely to carry locks and similar items, because of the proximity of stores that carry a wider range of equipment, like a Home Depot.

• A 7 Eleven in a rural area might have locks and some mechanical items because there aren’t other stores nearby

These are just some of the considerations that would go into the decision of what a particular 7 Eleven might carry.

What Else Might I Find At A 7 Eleven?

Aside from their own brand of merchandise – including dog collars, cups and keychains – 7 Eleven stores are known for serving hot food and Slurpees. However,most stores do carry other things.

Things you might find at a gas station convenience store include:

• Candy

• Snack foods and chips

• Paper towels

• Cold drinks

• Breakfast foods

• Automotive Oil

• Power Steering Fluid

• Cleaning Supplies

• Keychains

• Sunglasses

• Lottery Tickets

• Knives

• Shirts and Jackets

• Knick-knacks

Some stores even sell music and DVDs, though that is becoming increasingly rare. It all depends on what the store has room for, and what the basic community needs are.

How Would Locks Be a Community Need?

Many people find they need locks, and may not be close to a hardware store to find one.

For example, bikers may find they need a lock to keep their bikes safe. They might have a chain, but have forgotten the lock.

A broken lock on a storage container in a car, for example, a tool kit, might need to be replaced.

A lock for a personal pack, if it’s carrying valuables.

There are plenty of reasons to need a lock while on the road, and community oriented stores like 7 Elevens may be more likely to supply locks as part of the inventory.

How Would I Know If My Local 7 Eleven Sells Locks?

The best way to find out would be to call the store and ask if there are locks on the shelves. An employee should be able to tell you if there are any in stock, or if they regularly sell locks.

Another option is to visit the store and check their supplies. This may be easier, as inventory is very fluid and often changes.

Note: A store that has locks at one point may not carry them later, and a store that doesn’t carry locks may include them in inventory at a different time.

Where Should I Look if My Local 7 Eleven Doesn’t Carry Locks?

If the 7 Eleven doesn’t carry locks, it’s easiest to search out the nearest hardware store.

Stores like Lowes, Home Depot, Ace Hardware – even some automotive stores – all of these locations are likely to carry locks.

 – Stores like Lowes and Home Depot generally sell all kinds of locks – padlocks, door locks, deadbolts, and knob locks.

– Stores like Ace Hardware or an automotive store are more likely to carry padlocks, or basic door locks, rather than the more complicated mechanisms.

In addition, hardware stores are likely to carry a wider variety of locks.

If there are no local hardware stores available, you may want to check online. Many retailers, including Amazon, carry a variety of locks. There should be no difficulty in finding a lock to suit your needs.

Final Thoughts

The 7 Eleven is a gas station convenience store, and it specializes in what the community is most likely to need when they come through the doors, aside from gas. Drinks, food and basic essentials are common items, but the rest of the inventory often changes.

Locks might not be the most common items to find in a 7 Eleven, but that doesn’t mean your local store doesn’t carry them. Every store is different, and the likelihood of a particular store having locks – padlocks at least – depends entirely on location and size.

In general, however, there’s nothing wrong with stopping in at a convenient 7 Eleven and checking if you need a lock for a bicycle chain or a tool box.


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