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Does 7 Eleven Have Free Air? (Answered)

Does 7 eleven have free air

Having to air your tires can come at a moments notice, and some machines take coins, dollars, or debit cards. But what about if you don’t have cash on you or don’t have money on you? Some gas stations actually give out free air, but what about 7 Eleven?

Does 7 Eleven have free air? Unfortunately 7 Eleven no longer offers free air like they once did. You may find a store here and there which still offers free air, but going forward all new and revamped 7 Eleven locations will be charging upwards of $2.00 for air whether you are a paying customer for gas or not.

In this article we will be taking a look at 7 Eleven as a store, some ways we verified that air costs money from 7 Eleven, and give a few alternative places where you can get free air.

7 Eleven Background Information

7 Eleven probably has one of the most recognizable store logos in the world. With their signature green and orange logo lit up at night, it’s hard to miss.

7 Eleven was founded in Dallas, Texas in the early 1900’s and has evolved over time to be one of the most recognized convenience stores in the world.

What sets them apart from just your average gas station convenience store is their wide variety of products and services. Their products range from hot and ready foods, coffee, donuts, pastries, cold beverages, automotive goods, groceries, toiletries, and even more!

If you have a need, it could most likely be met at your nearest 7 Eleven convenience store. They are even open late which means they have around the clock availability for late night shifts or if you just want a late night snack.

On top of all their products, some locations even offer gas and air for their customers. All in all, 7 Eleven is a small convenience store that carries many of the essentials you would need on a day to day basis without having to walk into a huge retailer like Walmart or Target.

Since this is out of convenience, you can expect the prices to be notably higher than your average grocery or retail stores.

Do All 7 Elevens Have Air Pumps?

Not all 7 Eleven locations will have air pumps. Many gas station locations will have an air pump, but that isn’t always the case.

Before making a trip to your nearest 7 Eleven, take the time to call a store associate to inquire about if they have air pumps available at their location.

How Much Does Air Cost at 7 Eleven?

On average, you can expect to spend about $2.00 for air at 7 Eleven. The price is on the high side compared to some other gas stations which can leave a bad taste in many of their customers.

If you are lucky, you may be able to find a location which still gives out free air, but these are far and few between.

How We Found Out If 7 Eleven Charged for Air

Called Local Stores – Conveniently, I have two 7 Eleven locations near me that both have air pumps. After calling each location, I asked if they had complimentary air if gas were to be purchased.

Both locations told me that air was not free and there was a price of $2.00 per transaction of air.

We Checked Online – Browsing different forums and search boards, we came across the same conclusion. The majority of 7 Eleven stores will charge you for air.

Are the Air Pump PSI Gauges at Air Pumps Accurate?

Click Image for More Info

Many of the time you can find the recommended PSI for your car’s tires in the driver side door panel. If you are airing up a bike tire, then you can most likely find this on the tire itself.

But how accurate are the PSI Gauges on the provided air pumps? Sometimes they can be off a few PSI, if not more to say the least.

Many of the newer electronic air pumps that automatically inflate your tire for you are very accurate, its the older pumps you have to look out for.

We always recommend having your own portable tire pressure gauge like this one by TireTek. Using your own accurate tire pressure gauge can help eliminate the issue of under-inflating or over-inflating your tires.

Alternatives to 7 Eleven for Free Air

Free air is becoming scarce and harder to find as many locations are switching to machines that accept cash, change, and even debit card.

Remember, the air is free, but the electricity and pump is what you are actually paying for in the end.

Below is a small list of locations where you may still be able to find free air. Always be sure to contact your specific location to inquire if they indeed have free air before making a trip over there.

Check out this free website tool to find free air near you!

BJ’s Wholesale – BJ’s is a membership only wholesale grocery store that provides free air at their pumps.

Wawa – Similar to 7 eleven, Wawa is a convenience store that offers free air for their customers at most locations.

Costco Wholesale – Costco is a membership wholesale store that offers free air for their customers. You can even fill your tires with nitrogen!

Gas Stations – Many gas stations such as Shell and Chevron often have free air for their customers that purchase gas from their locations. Simply ask the sales attendant on the inside of the stores for access to complimentary air.

Auto Repair Shops – If you have an auto repair shop nearby, you can always call to ask if they are willing to let you air up your tires as most of these shops have their own air compressors for air.

Final Thoughts

Unfortunately 7 Eleven is slowly doing away with free air at all of their locations. You may run into a location that still offers their customers free air, but these are far and few between.

Having access to free air is an important resource. tires will naturally lose air overtime which means you will have to fill them up at one point or another. Also, tires with slow leaks will also be subject to airing up much more frequently.

Having to repair your tires on a weekly basis can start to add up, especially if you are being charge $2.00 or more for air.


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