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Can You Sell Trader Joe’s Products on Amazon? (Answered)

can you sell trader joes on amazon

Trader Joe’s products are much-loved products. A lot of people want to get their hands on them and, sometimes, it is impossible. This is why many people consider the idea of selling Trader Joe’s products on Amazon. But, can you do this?

Trader Joe’s does not endorse the selling of their products on Amazon. While Amazon won’t block you, and Trader Joe’s won’t punish you, they won’t be happy about this.

Let’s explain.

Overview of Trader Joe’s ; Amazon Sale Policies

Trader Joe’s is a leading grocery store in the US. Because they are not everywhere, and some people will often find themselves thousands of miles from the nearest store, people love to resell Trader Joe’s products online. In fact, a rather sizeable profit can be made if it is done correctly.

Amazon is more than happy to let you sell products on its website. As long as the products are not stolen or fake, then you should be fine.

Trader Joe’s Policies on Reselling Its Products

Trader Joe’s does not endorse the reselling of its products. This is because Trader Joe’s takes huge amounts of pride in the fact that their company offers top-quality products at a low price.

When products are resold, there is absolutely no way for Trader Joe’s to control the quality. It is also impossible for them to have an impact on the price.

Trader Joe’s products always tend to sell for much more than the standard price. That being said, it doesn’t matter where you live in the United States.

The law states that you are legally allowed to sell any product that you have purchased with your own money. Therefore, you are allowed to sell it online no matter what Trader Joe’s says.

They won’t be happy about it, and they may step in if you have a serious operation where you are trading using their brand name, but they can’t really stop you from selling the product as long as you remain within the law. 

Amazon Policies on Reselling Products

Amazon will allow you to resell products on their website. In fact, if you head to Amazon right now (in the US) then you will see countless Trader Joe’s products for sale, and many of them have sold a ton of products.

There are very few rules that you need to pay attention to here.

You will need to be selling a legit product. For example, if you say something is a Trader Joe’s product then it needs to be a Trader Joe’s product. You can’t sell one product and ship something else out.

If you are selling food then you will need to ensure that what you are selling is within the expiry date. If it isn’t, then it shouldn’t be sold through Amazon.

You may also need to pay taxes on anything that you sell on Amazon. Although this isn’t an Amazon policy, it is more of a government policy. you will need to look into the tax laws to find out what will apply to you here. 

Remember, you are going to need to maintain a good reputation on Amazon. If you constantly sell poor-quality products or do not ship on time, then your products will get less visibility and you may even end up being banned from the platform. 

Tips for Reselling Trader Joe’s Products on Amazon

There are two things that you will need to be aware of here if you are planning on selling Trader Joe’s products on Amazon.

Firstly, there are going to be a lot of competitors there. You will need to identify a gap in the market if you want a chance of being able to sell your products on the platform.

Of course, the price of Trader Joe’s products on Amazon will be considerably higher than in-store. This means that there will be some sort of leeway in what you sell the products at. You may be able to slightly undercut your competitors.

Remember, always ensure that you list the products correctly on the site. Use the right name and the right category.

Not only will this result in far more eyes on whatever you are selling, but you have a much, much bigger chance of selling a product and staying within Amazon’s rules.

Alternatives for Selling Trader Joe’s Products Online

Since you are allowed to sell Trader Joe’s products online, you do not need to look for an alternative.

If you are just looking to get rid of a product that you are not happy with then you can return it to the store. For the most part, Trader Joe’s will give complete refunds.

Limited selections of products can be sold on things like Facebook Marketplace to people in your local community.

You should only sell on Amazon, eBay, etc. if you have a lot of products to sell and you are looking to make a business from this.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is It Legal to Resell on Amazon?

Yes. You are legally allowed to sell any product that you have purchased. Trader Joe’s and other companies cannot stop you from doing this. 

Does Trader Joes Sell Online?

No. While Trader Joe’s has a website where you can browse their range of products, you will need to head into one of their stores to buy them.

Can You Buy Trader Joe’s in Bulk?

A limited number of products in Trader Joe’s have bulk discounts. However, for the most part, no. Their products are not intended to be sold in bulk. 

Final Thoughts

While Trader Joe’s does not endorse the resale of their products on Amazon, the law means that there is nothing that they can do about it.

A lot of people have made a lot of cash selling products on Amazon. However, this does mean that you will have a lot of competition.

If you do plan to go down this route then bear in mind that you need to treat it like a serious business. 


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