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Can You Get Rolls of Quarters at Trader Joe’s? (Answered)

can you get rolls of quarters at trader joes

Trader Joe’s is based in America, and it is a grocery store chain with countless locations across forty two out of fifty states. Rolls of quarters are extremely important for laundry, vending machines, parking meters, and other devices that require coins. Can you get rolls of quarters at Trader Joe’s?

Yes, you can get rolls of quarters from Trader Joe’s. Most grocery stores have the option to take quarters from them since they don’t like having the excess change. All you have to do is exchange cash for the rolls of quarters.

The rest of this article will cover Trader Joe’s coin exchange services, availability of rolls of quarters at Trader Joe’s, tips for obtaining rolls of quarters, and other financial services offered at Trader Joe’s.

Trader Joe’s Coin Exchange Services

At Trader Joe’s, you can exchange cash for coins. Whether it be pennies, nickels, dimes, or quarters, Trader Joe’s has rolls of coins you can trade. However, the most common trade would be quarters because of how useful they are.

You can either hand the employee cash, or get cashback on your debit card and give them the cash from there. Either way, you need cash in order to do an exchange. Keep in mind that credit cards do not offer cashback.

Once you have the cash, you can tell the employee what you want. You should go for quarters if you have ten dollars on you.

The reason why is because quarters are a commonly used coin in modern day. You won’t see pennies, nickels, and dimes used nearly as often.

Availability Of Rolls Of Quarters At Trader Joe’s

Availability depends on the day and time you come in. Most places, whether they be grocery stores, restaurants, or other businesses with cash registers, will have rolls of coins in their registers.

If not, the managers will keep spare ones in the back. If an employee doesn’t have the rolls on them, they can ask their manager to get some.

There’s also the customer service desk you can get rolls from, but it’s easiest to just get coins while purchasing your goods.

If you’re walking in only to get rolls, look for a manager as to not bother busy employees. If you come in on a busy day during a busy hour, the availability of the rolls won’t be as high.

The reason why is because the employees are going through more change, meaning they need those rolls. The managers will likely still have backups, but the register won’t.

Tips for Obtaining Rolls of Quarters

If you want rolls of quarters, make sure you always have ten dollars on you. Whether that be in cash or on your debit card, make sure you always have your wallet before going out anywhere.

Next, you have to be aware of the places around you. Many places will give you rolls of quarters. Banks always offer rolls of quarters. Here’s a fun fact: you don’t need to be registered with the bank to ask for quarters.

You can walk into any random bank and ask for a roll of quarters, and as long as you have the cash, they’ll give it to you.

The same applies to grocery stores and restaurants. You don’t need to shop or dine there to receive quarter rolls from them.

Restaurants are the least likely to have rolls of quarters during night hours, but during the day, you can drop by a restaurant and ask for quarters.

Other Financial Services Offered at Trader Joe’s

Although Trader Joe’s doesn’t have much in the way of financial services, they help save your money by having a lenient return policy combined with cheap prices. The cheap prices allow you to save more on groceries.

The return policy is lenient enough that you can return any product, even food. The food can be opened or unopened.

Even better, you don’t need a receipt to return the products. They will give you a full refund regardless of if you have the receipt or not.

Joining the Trader Joe’s crew also gives you some perks, too. If you’re looking for a part-time job to earn some more money and give you up to a twenty percent discount on store goods, then consider working with Trader Joe’s.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where Can I Buy Coin Rolls Other Than the Bank?

You can get coin rolls both in-person and online. You can find many coin rolls on popular websites like Amazon, eBay, or Craigslist. If shopping online doesn’t appeal to you, you can always go to a self-serve car wash or laundromat.

If you want to find individual coins, when you’re passing by a vending machine, or any machine that takes coins, try hitting the change button to see if any quarters were left inside. It’s possible some got stuck in there and need a new home.

Can You Buy Rolls of Quarters at the Grocery Store?

Yes, you can get rolls of quarters from a grocery store. Since grocery stores need coin rolls to keep their change filled, they wouldn’t mind giving you some as long as you have the cash needed for an exchange.

Final Thoughts

Trader Joe’s offers rolls of quarters to those who give them ten dollars in cash. You can only get the rolls of quarters if you have ten dollars, whether that be in cash or if you have to get cash from your debit card.

During busy days and hours, Trader Joe’s won’t have as many rolls available, but you can still ask customer service and or the manager to get you some.

If you want to obtain rolls of quarters, make sure you always have ten dollars on you so you can exchange it for coins.


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