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Can You Freeze Trader Joe’s Ravioli? (Answered)

Can You Freeze Trader Joe's Ravioli

Trader Joe’s ravioli is known for tasting absolutely amazing. However, as it is a fresh product, it doesn’t have a long shelf-life. So, can you freeze Trader Joe’s ravioli?

You can freeze the product. However, do bear in mind that if you freeze ravioli, the texture changes. It is also a lot tougher to cook without it breaking apart.

Let’s give a bit of advice on this, shall we?

How to Freeze Trader Joe’s Ravioli

You should freeze the ravioli in the bag that it came in. It is going to make your life a lot easier. 

If you wish to separate the ravioli into portions, then you can remove it and put each portion in a freezer-safe bag.

Leave in the freezer until you are ready to use. However, we suggest that you do not freeze the ravioli for more than 2-3 months. Anything longer than that and the texture is going to end up being awful. 

Thawing and Reheating Trader Joe’s Frozen Ravioli

In an ideal world, you would let the Trader Joe’s frozen ravioli thaw out naturally. So, either leave it on the countertop (covered up) or place in the fridge. However, this can take several hours.

You can boil the ravioli from frozen. However, it is worth noting that when you boil ravioli from frozen, there is a risk that it will break apart.

You can counter this to some extent (by simmering the ravioli is slightly boiled water for 6-8 minutes), but it is still going to be much tougher to keep it together than fresh ravioli. This is because you are going to be boiling it for longer in every situation.

Remember, once you have thawed the Trader Joe’s ravioli out, you should not place it back in the freezer, especially if it is a meat product. Although, you can refreeze it after it has been cooked, which may be ideal if you are doing a bit of meal prep with the ravioli. 

Tips for Maintaining the Quality of Frozen Trader Joe’s Ravioli

Ideally, you should never freeze it in the first place. Pasta-based products are never great when they are frozen. This is because the texture can change quite a bit. A lot of people say that it is almost a slimy sort of taste, which isn’t pleasant. 

If you must freeze it, then never freeze it for more than 2-3 months. While the texture and flavor will start to change as soon as you freeze the product, the first real drop-off is going to come around the 2-month mark.

While it is safe to eat after that point (since you have frozen it), you may as well just buy some new, quality ravioli. It will taste a whole lot better for you.

If you are cooking from frozen, then try to thaw the product out naturally beforehand. You want it to be unfrozen. It will cook better. If you cannot do that, then thaw it out by boiling it.

Some people find that if they drop a dash of oil in the ravioli water before they cook it, there is a far lower chance that the ravioli will start to break apart.

However, unfortunately, you can never prevent it completely. So, you will want to hang around and scoop out any broken-up ravioli so it doesn’t impact the rest of the dish. 

Alternatives To Freezing Trader Joe’s Ravioli

If you leave the ravioli in the fridge, then it is going to give you maybe a week to two weeks of extra use. Although, you will want to double-check the ravioli before you use it, just to make sure that it is safe to eat. A quick visual and smell test should tell you all that you need to know.

Alternatively, if that ravioli is about to hit the expiration date, you can boil it. By cooking the ravioli, you will be drastically slowing down the bacteria growth process.

You may be able to get another week or two from the ravioli although, once again, make sure that you carry out a quick test of it before you eat it…particularly if it is a meat ravioli. 

Other Ways to Use Frozen Trader Joe’s Ravioli

There are lots of different ways that you can use your frozen ravioli. You don’t have to boil it and use it as a side dish.

One of our favorite ways to use ravioli (fresh ravioli) is as part of a pasta bake. It is less likely to break down if you cook in the oven. There are some delicious recipes out there for lasagna pasta bakes.

You could even use the ravioli as a focus for a good soup. Ravioli pairs up particularly well with spinach here.

If you are feeling particularly fancy, then you may even want to try deep-frying the ravioli.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Does Trader Joe’s Ravioli Last in the Fridge?

If you haven’t opened it, then it should be fine until the expiration date listed on the packaging. If you have opened it, then consume it within 3-5 days.

How Do You Cook Trader Joe’s Ravioli From Frozen?

Place the frozen ravioli into a pot of cold water, and bring it to a slow boil. Add a pinch of salt. Allow it to simmer for 6-8 minutes and then cook the ravioli as normal. 

Final Thoughts

You can freeze Trader Joe’s ravioli, although it is not recommended if you can avoid it. This is because the taste of the ravioli changes drastically after freezing, and it becomes a lot tougher to cook.

If you are using frozen ravioli, we suggest that you thaw it out properly before cooking. This will make it taste a little bit better.

Frozen ravioli is probably going to work a lot better in some sort of pasta bake dish than it would if you were boiling it. This is because there is a far, far lower chance of it breaking apart if you cook it in the oven. 


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