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Can You Freeze Trader Joe’s French Apple Tart? (Explained)

Can You Freeze Trader Joe's French Apple Tart

Few desserts across the United States are as enjoyable as an apple tart. This timeless classic is available for purchase in almost every supermarket, with those such as Trader Joe’s specializing in their own unique version. However, one common question is, can you freeze Trader Joe’s apple tart?

Trader Joe’s apple tart can be stored in the freezer, which is a convenient way to ensure it doesn’t go off. You can even freeze apple tart in its original container, and this delicious dessert will last for up to six months.

This article will discuss whether or not you can freeze Trader Joe’s apple tart. So keep reading! We have everything you need to know about storing Trader Joe’s apple tart in the freezer and various tips to ensure you freeze it correctly.

How to Freeze Trader Joe’s French Apple Tart

Trader Joe’s is known for their wide selection of store-brand items, such as their famous and delicious French apple tart. This dessert can be enjoyed both warm and cold; however, if you decide that you’d like to extend its shelf life, you may wonder if it can be stored in the freezer.

If you purchase one of Trader Joe’s famous French apple pies and don’t believe you will finish it before its best-by date, you can store it in the freezer, and it will last up to six months. 

It can be stored in its original packaging if unopened; however, if you decide to have a few slices before you freeze it, it may be easier to store it by wrapping individual pieces in plastic film.

Alternatively, tin foil can be used to wrap the portioned apple pie before placing it into a freezer-safe bag. 

Just ensure that before placing your Trader Joe’s French apple pie in the freezer, it is completely cool, or else you’ll end up with a rather soggy bottom.

Writing todays date can also help to remember when it should be consumed by; as we mentioned previously, you’ll have up to six months. 

Thawing And Reheating Trader Joe’s French Apple Tart

When you decide to thaw your Trader Joe’s French apple pie to serve it, there are a few ways to do this, and we’ll walk you through the most convenient and easy options below.

To thaw your Trader Joe’s French apple pie, remove it from the freezer and let it thaw overnight in the fridge for around six to eight hours. Once it has thawed, you can place it into the oven and heat it to your desired temperature. 

Alternatively, you can remove the frozen French apple pie from the freezer and place it into the microwave to thaw.

This is much faster; however, you risk it drying out. Begin by placing your frozen french apple pie on a microwaveable plate and heat on a low setting for 40-second increments until fully defrosted. 

Tips For Maintaining The Quality Of Frozen Trader Joe’s French Apple Tart

Nothing is worse than a dry and flavorless apple pie, so to ensure that you don’t run the risk of losing the qualities a fresh Trader Joe’s apple pie poses; thus, there are a few tips to acknowledge when storing. 

When storing your French apple pie in the freezer, ensure that you use an airtight container or wrap it tightly in plastic film. This will ensure that when you thaw your desert, it will hold its texture and flavor well and will not dry out. 

It’s a good idea to portion your apple pie before you place it into the freezer, especially if you have already opened the original packaging. This also means you don’t have to thaw the entire dessert at once. 

If you decide to buy numerous apple pies at once with the intention of freezing at least one, it’s best to store it unopened in its original packaging. To further increase the chances of keeping it as fresh as possible, wrap your unopened container tightly with plastic film before freezing. 

Alternatives to Freezing Trader Joe’s French Apple Tart

If you have purchased a French apple pie from Trader Joe’s and your family will have eaten it within a week, it’s probably best to simply store it in the refrigerator. A fresh apple pie will generally last for four or five days in the fridge. 

So, unless you know for a fact that your family won’t be able to finish the French apple pie within the five or so-day period, it’s best to store it in the fridge as this will ensure the pie stays fresh and won’t dry out. 

The problem with freezing is that if you don’t store it correctly in the freezer, you risk it thawing out quite dry, and you may even lose some of the delicious flavors. 

Other Ways to Use Frozen Trader Joe’s French Apple Tart

If you want to cook your frozen French apple pie from Trader Joe’s without thawing, you can place it straight into the oven from the freezer. Preheat your oven to around 425 and place it inside once the oven has heated up. 

This may lose moisture and dry out slightly, but if you’re in a bit of a rush and you plan to serve it with cream, custard, or ice cream, it will still be a delicious dessert. 

Frequently Asked Questions;

Can Apple Tart Be Frozen?

Yes, apple tart can be frozen and will last for up to six months in the freezer.

Can You Freeze Unbaked Apple Tart?

Unbaked apple tart can be frozen and is often the preferred method by bakers. This ensures it won’t dry out when you thaw it, and it will retain all of its flavors as you cook it in the oven.

Is Trader Joe’s Rustic Apple Tart Seasonal?

Yes, Trader Joe’s rustic apple tart is only available around Thanksgiving and Christmas. 

Final Thoughts

So, now that you know Trader Joe’s French apple tart can be frozen, will you stock up the next time you visit the popular supermarket? The French apple pie will last up to six months if stored correctly. 

Just remember, The best method is to store the full apple pie in its original packaging, or if opened, portion your apple pie and wrap it tightly with cling film to ensure its longevity. 


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