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Can You Freeze Trader Joe’s Chicken Piccata? (Explained)

Can You Freeze Trader Joe's Chicken Piccata

Chicken piccata—many will agree that it’s one of the most mouthwatering dishes out there, Prepared using breaded chicken filets and a lemony sauce with white wine and capers, it tastes fresh and tangy yet is filling at the same time. 

Recently, Trader Joe’s precooked and packed chicken piccata has received a lot of praise from customers for its quality and taste. But you might be wondering whether it can be frozen or not? Trader Joe’s chicken piccata can be frozen and is a great way to extend its life past the expiration date.

Let’s talk about in detail the different ways chicken piccata can be prepared, how long it can be stored in the fridge or freezer, and how to reheat it properly. Read on!

Is Trader Joe’s Chicken Piccata Fully Cooked?

Yes! Trader Joe’s chicken piccata is fully cooked and you just need to reheat it in the microwave or oven before eating. It comes in an airtight, sealed container and is refrigerated to prevent spoiling.

A typical pack usually contains two pieces of chicken breast (which have already been seasoned, breaded and cooked) as well as a packet of piccata sauce to go along with it. 

Follow the instructions mentioned on the pack for heating the chicken piccata. Remember, since you’re reheating the food and not actually cooking it, you just need to pop it in the microwave for a couple of minutes on high heat before it’s steaming hot and ready to eat. 

Some people prefer heating it in the oven rather than the microwave as this ensures that the chicken remains crispy.

You might also want to prepare some pasta or rice to go along with the chicken piccata (or a salad at the very least!) if you want a complete and filling meal.

How Long Does Chicken Piccata Last in the Freezer?

Cooked chicken piccata can last for up to three months in the freezer. Make sure to pack your chicken piccata in airtight containers before either freezing or refrigerating.

This will help preserve all the delicious flavors of the dish and prevent it from going bad too soon. 

Place the containers at the back of the freezer (away from the door) so that they remain in the coldest part and can freeze properly.

Ideally, you should pack your chicken pieces and sauce in separate bags before freezing them. Not doing so will ruin the chicken and make it soggy.

You can prepare a whole batch in advance and take out a pack of chicken piccata from the freezer whenever you don’t feel like cooking. Quickly heat it up while preparing some veggies and pasta on the side for a mouthwatering meal.

Can You Freeze and Reheat Chicken Piccata?

Totally! You can plan ahead and cook and freeze chicken piccata beforehand for a big lunch—or simply for some future hectic day when you’ll be too exhausted to stand in front of the stove and cook dinner. 

You have two ways of going about this. You can either freeze uncooked, but seasoned and coated, chicken pieces as well as the sauce in advance.

Then when you need them, thaw the chicken pieces before properly frying them up and cooking them through. Heat up the sauce or make it from scratch for optimal taste. 

This method ensures that you serve the chicken piccata freshly prepared, rather than reheated, and works best when you have to prep for a large family dinner or party in advance.

The second option is to cook the meal fully and then freeze both the chicken and the sauce in airtight containers till the day you need them.

Once that day arrives simply pop them out, thaw for a while and then reheat them in an oven/microwave or on the stove. 

How to Defrost/Reheat Chicken Piccata?

To defrost chicken piccata after freezing, take it out and put it on the counter or somewhere at room temperature to let it thaw for a while.

After it has thawed, you have three ways to reheat it—either put it in the microwave, or the oven, or heat it on the stove. 

Reheating the chicken piccata in the microwave is quick and easy and you’ll be done in a few minutes. However, using the stove or an oven ensures that the chicken has more flavor.

This requires a bit of time as you’ll have to preheat the oven and heat up the chicken pieces and the sauce separately.

If you’re using a microwave or an oven, remember to cover the chicken before popping it in—this ensures that it remains soft and juicy and doesn’t dry up while reheating.

How Long Does Chicken Piccata Last in the Fridge?

In a refrigerator, chicken piccata can last for three to four days depending on the temperature of your fridge.

Make sure to seal the chicken pieces and the sauce in separate bags before putting them in an airtight container and refrigerating. 

Place the boxes in the back of the fridge away from the door to ensure that a constant cold temperature is maintained. Reheat and consume the chicken piccata within a few days before it goes bad.

The sooner you eat it the better, as food (without any preservatives added) goes bad quickly even when refrigerated, especially if you live in a hot climate.

Final Thoughts

To sum up, chicken piccata from Trader Joe’s comes fully cooked and must be kept refrigerated till you want to consume it. To reheat chicken piccata, simply put it in the microwave for a few minutes or pop it in a preheated oven.

Chicken piccata can be made in advance for a large party and then reheated and served on the day of. You can freeze it for up to three months or refrigerate it for a few days and it’ll still be good to eat. Just make sure to pack it in airtight containers and reheat it properly when you take it out.

If you need to prep some chicken piccata in advance, we hope you found these tips helpful! Remember that freshly cooked chicken piccata tastes the best, and should ideally be served with pasta/rice and some salad.


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