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Can You Buy Single Beers at Trader Joe’s? (Answered)

Can You Buy Single Beers at Trader Joe's

In recent years, Trader Joe’s has managed to gain a reputation for offering good quality beer at low prices. This has resulted in many people wondering whether you can buy single beers at Trader Joe’s.

Trader Joe’s will not sell beers in all of their stores. This is because what they sell will be heavily impacted by local legislation. However, if your local store does sell beer then, most of the time, it will sell single beers as well as cases of beer.

Let’s discuss this in a bit more depth. 

Trader Joe’s Alcohol 

Trader Joe’s is a food and drink grocery store. They rarely sell any other products.

Trader Joe’s has a commitment to offering low prices for high-quality food and drink. Everything about their business model exists purely to ensure that prices are kept low while ensuring high customer satisfaction.

Because a lot of people see Trader Joe’s as a great place for their weekly shop, Trader Joe’s has started to introduce a lot of alcohol products to its range…and to some great success too.

In fact, the prices for alcohol in Trader Joe’s (where they do sell alcohol) are on-par and, sometimes better, than competing liquor stores. 

Trader Joe’s Beer Selection

The vast majority of products that you find in Trader Joe’s will be branded with one of Trader Joe’s many different brands. This isn’t the case for the beers.

Trader Joe’s stocks big-brand beers, as well as a selection of beers from local breweries. In fact, the same applies to all of their alcohol products.

While you may find something with the Trader Joe’s branding on from time to time, this is rare. Most of the beers that you see stocked will be names that you have heard of or will want to hear of.

One of the cool things about Trader Joe’s is that they try to tailor their alcohol to the market that they are operating in.

So, for example, if you went to a Trader Joe’s in Ohio, the product selection would be completely different from that of California.

This is because Trader Joe’s pays attention to what the market wants. It also tries to ensure that it stocks a few quality local beers.

As with all of the products stocked by the company, Trader Joe’s works to ensure that everything that they stock in the beer section is an affordable price and quality.

If they don’t believe in a product (or they get a lot of customer returns on it), then that product isn’t going to be stocked in the store. Simple as that.

Availability of Single Beers at Trader Joe’s

Not every single Trader Joe’s location will stock beers. This is because legislation can vary up and down the country.

For example, there are some states that explicitly ban alcohol from being sold in a grocery store. Those that do allow it may ban the sale of alcohol on certain days or at certain times.

It is important that you always look into the local laws so you know what to expect from Trader Joe’s. It is worth noting that not every single product sold by Trader Joe’s can be bought as a single.

You should always look at the labeling on the shelves to know whether that beer can be bought as a single. Most of the time it can. However, if it doesn’t have a barcode, it probably can’t be. 

Tips for Purchasing Single Beers at Trader Joe’s

We are going to assume that you have checked the laws in your state and know whether Trader Joe’s can sell them. If they do, make sure that you bring along your ID.

When you buy single beers from Trader Joe’s, there may be a few brands that you have never heard of. We encourage you to try them out.

Trader Joe’s is great at product sourcing. If you don’t like it then you can always return the product for a refund. Yep. They will even give you a refund if you have finished it. Although, try not to do this too much.

We do encourage you to avoid buying single beers if you can. This is because it is often much cheaper to buy beers in a pack of six or even in a crate of 24. 

Alternatives for Purchasing Single Beers Outside of Trader Joe’s

If your local Trader Joe’s doesn’t have single beers, then it is unlikely any other grocery store in the area will do. This is because Trader Joe’s will always sell alcohol if they are legally able to do so.

In this case, you may want to head to a liquor store instead. You will almost always find single beers for sale there.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Buy One Bottle of Beer at Trader Joe’s?

It will be dependent on the Trader Joe’s location. If your location does sell beer then you will probably be able to buy a single beer from the store.

Does Trader Joe’s Sell Domestic Beer?

Yes. Trader Joe’s does sell domestic beer. However, bear in mind that beer may not be available in all of their markets. There are some Trader Joe’s locations that will not sell beer.

Is Alcohol Cheaper at Trader Joe’s?

Trader Joe’s offers affordable beer. We cannot possibly say whether it will be cheaper as it can vary based on where you live and the beers that Trader Joe’s current stocks. However, it is likely to be a good price no matter what.

Final Thoughts

If your local Trader Joe’s sells beers, then they will have single beers available for purchase.

Do bear in mind that not every single Trader Joe’s will have beer in stock. This is because they can only listen to local laws. If other grocery stores don’t sell alcohol then Trader Joe’s won’t.

They will always have a selection of quality beers from a variety of breweries. This includes big names that you may have heard of, as well as some small scale brewers.  


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