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Can You Buy Cases of Wine at Trader Joe’s? (Answered)

Can You Buy Cases Of Wine At Trader Joe's

Trader Joe’s is an American grocery store chain known for their variety of products at low prices. Trader Joe’s has products ranging from kosher food to plastic bags, making them great for people who need a store that has it all. Another thing that Trader Joe’s has are cases of wine.

At Trader Joe’s, you can buy cases of wine. Trader Joe’s prides themselves on having various brands to choose from. Just like with their food products, they have several different wine brands. These wine brands will differ in price, and what they have available will differ based on the location you’re at and availability of the product.

The rest of this article will cover Trader Joe’s wine selection, availability of cases of wine at Trader Joe’s, tips for purchasing cases of wine at Trader Joe’s, and alternatives for purchasing cases of wine.

Trader Joe’s Wine Selection

On the Trader Joe’s website, they have an entire section dedicated to their vast wine selection. The best part about this is that most locations have over a hundred products you can choose from. Most of their wine prices are low, too.

Just because a wine is cheap does not mean it doesn’t have high quality. All the wines at Trader Joe’s have high quality no matter their price. You can find a majority of their wines for the low price of six dollars or lower.

For example, one wine brand Trader Joe’s almost always has is Shaw. You can find Shaw at most Trader Joe’s locations, and it’s high in stock. You can get a variety of wines for low prices, so don’t be scared to buy different types you’ve never had before.

Along with that, Trader Joe’s also has a return policy where you can return all wine, beer, and liquors no matter if it’s opened or not.

Since Trader Joe’s has a large wine selection, pick up a few cases you think you’ll like. If you don’t like them, you can always return them for a full refund.

Availability Of Cases Of Wine At Trader Joe’s

Shaw is one of the brands Trader Joe’s almost always has. Unless people are buying it in bulk, Trader Joe’s always keeps that shelf stacked.

There are other, smaller brands that have limited backstock, but when Trader Joe’s orders them back, it only takes about four days to arrive.

The more expensive the wine, the more likely it will sell out faster. They also have seasonal and limited edition wines that are only available for a few weeks or months.

For example, there are a few sparkling wines they offer for New Year’s Eve, but the bottles will disappear after the holiday.

During holiday seasons, most sparkling wines will be less available than normal. Be sure to buy your sparkling wine early so you don’t run into any issues.

Otherwise, the common wines will be available at Trader Joe’s with no issues.

If there are any issues, the selection is wide enough that you can find an alternative. The shipping is also fast enough that you can go back in less than a week and find the type you were looking for restocked.

Tips For Purchasing Cases Of Wine At Trader Joe’s

Trader Joe’s already has low prices on their cases of wine, which means you don’t need to worry about saving. Their wines are cheap but high quality. They even have their own brands of wine you can get at low prices.

They do not offer coupons or sales on their wine cases, but since the prices are so low, coupons wouldn’t offer high savings anyway.

However, there are a few things you should take advantage of when shopping for wine at Trader Joe’s.

For starters, if Trader Joe’s is out of one of your favorites, ask an employee to order or save you one. Most times, Trader Joe’s can reserve you a bottle and you can come to the store to pick it up in a few days.

Along with that, if you want to try new things but aren’t sure what to get, try downloading a wine review app like Vivino.

Users rate wines out of five stars. Look up the wine you’re interested in and see what the reviewers say about it.

Lastly, there are plenty of employees around Trader Joe’s. If the app idea still isn’t narrowing down your choices, ask an employee what their favorite wines are.

Alternatives For Purchasing Cases Of Wine

Buying wines by the case is a good way to save money. However, this option isn’t for everyone, which is why you should look into the alternatives.

Canned Wine

Wine sold in cans is a very popular modern choice since they’re recyclable and easy to produce.

Boxed Wine

You can also get a wine box. Box wine is a new trend that’s becoming more popular since it’s cost efficient and can be used for multiple drinking sessions.

These boxes are perfect for parties so people can pour as much as they want, whenever they want without having to worry about a bottle.

Juice or Sparkling Beverages

Instead of getting wine, you can get something completely different that still has similar flavors as wine.

For example, you can find many non-alcoholic wines in several stores and online. Juice or sparkling beverages are two great alternatives as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

With Trader Joe’s having so many wines to choose from, there are a few questions about their wines.

Does Trader Joe’s Offer Discounts on Cases of Wine?

No, Trader Joe’s offers no discounts on cases of wines.

Why Is Wine Cheaper at Trader Joe’s?

The reason why Trader Joe’s wines are cheaper is because they are bottled under a private label arrangement, making the wines more exclusive.

Final Thoughts

Trader Joe’s offers a wide selection of wine to choose from. From sparkling to Trader Joe’s own brand, you can find any type of wine you want at Trader Joe’s for cheap prices.

Most of their wine is in-stock regularly, but seasonal ones will sell out quickly. To buy wine at Trader Joe’s, make sure you take advantage of the return policy, mobile apps reviewing wines, and the employees. If you need alternatives to cases of wine, try canned wine, box wine, or a non-alcoholic beverage.


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