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Are Trader Joe’s Bagels Kosher? (Answered)

are trader joes bagels kosher

Who doesn’t love delicious, toasted bagels? Between the variety sold at Trader Joe’s and the stellar standards of customer service, it is no wonder this chain is popular for all your breakfast needs. However, if you adhere to kosher dietary restrictions, it is totally normal to wonder: Are Trader Joe’s bagels kosher?

Some of Trader Joe’s bagels are, indeed, kosher, meaning they are grain based products which are not created with the use of shortening that is animal-based, greased with animal based fat, or made with dairy or meat contaminated equipment. The Trader Joe’s bagels that are kosher certified are the 7 Grain, Plain, Everything, and Sesame Bagels.

In this article we will give you everything you need to know on whether or not the bagels sold at Trader Joe’s are kosher, as well as answers to frequently asked questions like how to find kosher bagels in the store and what the kosher certification entails. 

Kosher Bagels at Trader Joe’s

When you are in the mood for a tasty bagel sandwich or a bagel snack, it can be a hassle to find a place that sells them under a safe, kosher certification.

Trader Joe’s is a store chain well known for their wide variety of dietary foods, great selections, and willingness to go above and beyond the call of duty when it comes to customer service.

It is no wonder many practicing kosher food standards look to Trader Joe’s for kosher bagels! And Trader Joe’s, in turn, certainly does not disappoint.

Though Trader Joe’s does make and sell some bagels which are prepared alongside meat-contaminated equipment or dairy products, invalidating them as kosher options, they also have a selection of bagels which are carefully manufactured to adhere to strict kosher standards.

In fact, Trader Joe’s certainly goes further than simply making sure that their bagel selections are not cross contaminated, and obtaining a kosher certification.

They not only offer their own Trader Joe’s brand, but also sell several kosher bagels which are also confirmed to be Pas Yisroel, too. 

Let’s take a closer look at the bagel selections specifically made by Trader Joe’s and whether or not they have successfully achieved a Kosher Certification!

Is Trader Joe’s Bagel Selection Kosher Certified?

Though it is possible to do research on any food product manufactured in a corporate setting and determine for yourself whether or not they adhere to the rules of kosher, it is sometimes just as big a blessing to trust a rabbinic agency which checks the ingredients for you.

The question is, are Trader Joe’s bagels kosher certified? Fortunately for those shopping at this popular grocery chain, yes, many of Trader Joe’s bagel selections are, indeed, kosher certified!

Trader Joe’s and Kosher Certification for Bagels

To obtain a kosher certification, the food item in question must be checked by an authorized individual to be sure that they follow the laws of Jewish tradition found in the torah concerning food.

It is a strenuous process: the food itself must not only avoid mixing meat products with dairy products, right down to the oils and starches used in the cooking or baking process; it must also avoid touching any dishes, equipment, or equipment washed in sinks that have cross-contaminated ingredients.

Trader Joe’s has accepted this challenge by gaining Kosher certification for many of it’s products, including some of it’s bagel offerings, which will be listed in the very next section!

Trader Joe’s and Kosher Bagel Options

Now that we know that Trader Joe’s can be trusted as a source for kosher bagels, the question is, which of their bagels is actually kosher?

Truthfully, not all of the flavors and assortments offered by Trader Joe’s were created equal: some are kosher-safe, and some are not.

To see which bagels actually are, definitely, Kosher certified, check out our list below!

  • 7 Grain Bagel
  • Everything Bagel
  • Plain Bagel
  • Sesame Bagels

These bagels are, for sure, created in adherence with kosher rules and checked by authorized rabbinic sources in order to gain a kosher certification! Trader Joe’s also sells bagels made by other companies, not just ones they manufacture themselves, and some of these are considered kosher, too. Those options are listed below:

  • Artisan Everything Bagels
  • Artisan Plain Bagels
  • Artisan Sesame Seed Bagels
  • Artisan Seven Grain Bagels
  • Bagel Josef’s Plain Bagel
  • Bagel Josef’s Raisin Cinnamon Bagel

As you can see, not only is Trader Joe’s willing to devote a large amount of their inventory to kosher bagels sold by others, but they make and provide their own kosher-certified brand, too!

Finding Kosher Bagels at Trader Joe’s 

Now that we’ve established that Trader Joe’s does indeed have a wide variety of Kosher bagels, let’s figure out how to find them!

After all, since they are dedicated to giving customers a large selection of several dietary-adhering products, it can be tricky to find what you’re looking for at a Trader Joe’s.

Trader Joe’s has it’s own kosher section in most locations where their kosher-certified bagels can be found.

With that being said, if you’re having trouble, you can always request assistance from one of Trader Joe’s associates and they are well known for being happy to assist you, leading you straight to the bagels you want!

Frequently Asked Questions

It is possible that you still have questions related to the kosher dietary restrictions and how they apply to Trader Joe’s products; specifically, to bagels sold at Trader Joe’s!

If that is the case, no worries: check out our list of frequently asked questions and answers below!

Is Trader Joe’s Pizza Kosher?

Yes, according to their certification status, the crust of Trader Joe’s pizzas are kosher.

Are Trader Joe’s Cookies Kosher?

Trader Joe’s does sell some cookies which are OK and OU kosher certified, such as their Half Moon Black and White cookies, their Spooky Half Moon Cookies, and their Soft baked Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies.

Final Thoughts

To sum it all up,  kosher certifications are obtained by creating food that does not cross-contaminate ingredients that are either animal-based or dairy based, as well as avoiding the use of equipment that promotes such cross-contamination. 

Once a rabbinic authority has checked that the proper guidelines are being followed, a store like Trader Joe’s can receive a kosher certification for their product! When it comes to bagels, that is exactly what Trader Joe’s has accomplished. 

Trader Joe’s not only offers over 4 different flavors of bagels they manufacture themselves which are up to kosher standards, but sell other brands of bagels which have achieved the same kosher-safe status, too.


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